What is Managed Website Service?

We design, host & maintain your website for you.

Most companies have limited IT resources and it wouldn't be sustainable to hire a team of designers and coders. But not having a web presence today, can affect your market visibility, your sales and customer loyalty.

Why we are the right choice?

We are very passionate in helping your company to look better and perform better on the web. We want to be someone you can rely on for managing every aspect of your website.

Mobile-ready Website

Supports desktop, tablets & smartphone.

Browsing a traditional website on a smartphone is sometimes not the best experience. The constant zooming and small size text made it difficult for a user to search for information.

Not anymore. We build your website to be responsive where it will be optimized for viewing on various devices. Just compare our website when you view it your desktop vs your smartphone.

Optimized for Speed

Hosted in the cloud.

Your website is configured to deliver web pages at blazing speed.

We use Nginx, a high performance revese proxy server with low memory footprint to handle large visitor traffic to your site.

We also enable several caching mechanism to significantly reduced the time to generate a web page.

Finally, your web page is delivered through a Content Delivery Network, which stores your files on a server closest to your visitor.

Awesome Business Support

We're here to help your business.

Our friendly support team is trained to handle your request efficiently. We response to your questions in 1 or 2 emails instead of you having to wait for response between departments.

Our technology stack

We utilize the best.

WordPress for CMS

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS). Today, it powers over 10 million websites.

Bootstrap for CSS

Bootstrap is the most popular frontend framework for developing mobile-ready websites.

jQuery for JS

jQuery is the most popular javascript library for DOM manipulation and AJAX-calls.

Minification for Static Files

To reduce the load time of web pages, we run minification for images, css, and javascript files.

Ubuntu 64-bit OS

Ubuntu is the most popular operating system on the leading public clouds.

Apache with Nginx Web Server

A very high performance reverse proxy server with low memory footprint to handle large incoming web traffic.

W3TC for Caching

W3TC provides 10x in improved site performance. We enable page caching and database caching.

Cloudflare for CDN

Cloudflare caches your static files at their edge nodes so these files are stored closest to your visitors.